Visiting Roswell

Welcome to Roswell, New Mexico! 

Roswell is the seat of the Chaves County and is a must stop for anyone that is interested in the old west or aliens! Whether you are just passing  through or staying for a long visit, you will find the people of Roswell are happy in lending a hospitable hand. Roswell is the place to stay if you are planning a long trip through the West and is close to some of the most popular areas in New Mexico including Carlsbad Cavers, Ruidoso Mountain Town, and Bottomless Lakes State Park (New Mexico's First State Park). 

Roswell has a rich New Mexican cuisine, thanks to its strong roots in agriculture. Green Chile is a favorite among native New Mexicans! Fall is the time to come visit if you want to experience the flavors and the aromas of the green chile harvest! You will also find other New Mexican favorites such as: Posole, Tacos, Chile Rellenos, and Asado! We also have amazing pastries such as: Sopaipillas, Churros, and Empanadas, just to name a few. Come and taste for yourself what Roswell has to offer! 

Roswell has a unique and rich history, complete with both cowboys and aliens! All of Roswell's museums are dedicated to educating visitors and the community about our interesting history and culture. The Historical Society of South East New Mexico is the place to visit if you are interested in how Roswell started and all of its troubles with Billy the Kid and the Lincoln County Wars! If you are interested in the mysterious and the unknown look no further than the UFO Museum and Research Center! The Crash of 1947 had a huge impact on the community (pun intended) of Roswell and to the visitors. People immediately started speculating and wondering what really happened that fateful night. Some say it was aliens, others say it was a government experiment, no one knows for certain. Whether you are a skeptic or a believer, come and experience the mystery for yourself!   

The arts are another one of Roswell's strong-suites. The Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art displays magnificent landscape paintings, large and imposing sculptures, and beautiful abstract pieces that will keep you entranced. The Roswell Museum and Art Center (RMAC) features native american art along with the history that accompanies it. Art and History blend at the RMAC and will immerse you into the art and culture of the past. The RMAC also features a replica of Robbert Goddard's Rocket Workshop as well as a planetarium. The Roswell Little Theatre, Way Way Off Broadway, and the Never Land Theater Company are Roswell's preforming arts groups and are always dedicated to putting on a great show! The Arts are alive and growing in Roswell. Come see for yourself!

Roswell is growing and has much to offer. Its people are proud and its history is strong. So come on down, crash here and stay awhile! 

If you have any questions please give the Roswell Chamber of Commerce a call. We are dedicated to promoting Roswell and its Business. For more information check out the link to our Visitor and Relocation Guide as well as our monthly Newsletter, to keep you informed on the monthly events taking place in Roswell!