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January 2020 Jobs! 

City of Roswell, Recreation Center Supervisor/Adult Center, Parks & Recreation | Roswell, NM

Reports to Recreation Manager. This position is responsible a variety of responsibilities related to running the day-to-day operations of the Roswell Adult & Recreation Center. This is highly responsible administrative and supervisory work directing the operation of The RAC. Work involves the overall responsibility for planning, organizing, staffing and implementation of recreational programs and activities in a year round adult & recreation center that serves the neighborhood, other agencies and the community. View Job Details

Construction Supervisor, Public Works - Water and Sewer | Roswell, NM

Under basic supervision, operates a variety of heavy equipment in the construction and maintenance of water and sewer projects; provides leadership and training to ensure subordinate employees are using equipment safely and properly. Efficient coordination of all activities associated in the installation and repair of water and sewer lines. In the absence of higher level of supervisors, must be able to perform their duties and functions as well. View Job Details

Parks Administrative Assistant Senior, Parks & Recreation | Roswell, NM

Under general supervision, performs advanced administrative support, customer service, payroll and bookkeeping tasks as needed. Reports to Parks Director and may support multiple departments. View Job Details

City of Roswell, Reference Assistant, Roswell Public Library | Roswell, NM

Under general supervision of the Adult Services Supervisor, performs reference and reading advisory duties at the Roswell Public Library. Duties include utilizing current technology and library resources to meet the informational needs of the community of Roswell, assisting with creating reference and ready advisory materials and displays, assisting with planning and implementation of Library program and services. View Job Details

Water Production Operator, Central Control | Roswell, NM

Under basic supervision, monitors and controls the City’s water production system through the use of computer operated supervisory control and data acquisitions. View Job Details

Code Enforcement Officer, Community Development | Roswell, NM

Under basic supervision, assists with the enforcement of city zoning codes and ordinances by performing inspections and notifying the appropriate parties of any violations. View Job Details

City of Roswell, Police Recruit, Public Safety - Police | Roswell, NM

Under close supervision, attends Police Academy and learns to provide responsive and courteous police service for the Roswell Police Department (RPD). View Job Details

Police Officer (Lateral), Public Safety - Police | Roswell, NM

Under basic supervision, provides professional, responsive, and courteous police services for the Roswell Police Department (RPD). View Job Details

Vehicle Operator, Pecos Trails Transit | Roswell, NM, 

Operates T.S. Vehicle for the City's Transit System. View Job Details

W & S Maintenance Worker, Public Works - Water and Sewer | Roswell, NM

Under close supervision, performs installation, maintenance and repair work on various water and sewer lines and mains throughout the City of Roswell. View Job Details

Automated Collection Operator, Public Works - Sanitation | Roswell, NM

Under basic supervision, operates automated collection vehicles along assigned route to collect, compact and transport solid waste to landfills.       View Job Details

Warehouse Worker Senior, Public Works - Water and Sewer | Roswell, NM

Under basic supervision of Superintendent of Water and Sewer this is lead work in the operation of a central warehouse facility. Directs and participates in the maintenance of a continuing inventory of parts, equipment, and supplies. Directs the ordering of inventory and materials to maintain sufficient supplies for daily operations. Charges out inventory to proper accounts as orders are processed for delivery, or issued out to departments. Work originates through the delivery of materials and supplies by vendors and through demands from use departments and divisions as well as through the ongoing need to maintain an inventory. Inventory to be restocked to proper location immediately upon receipt. Work is supervised through monitoring warehousing procedures and by verification of inventory records. View Job Details  

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L& D, ICU, Post Partum, ER, IR, Cath Lab

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